Cowa ventures

Cowa leverages its network and expertise to strategically unlock the blockchain ecosystem. We aspire to build and support the next generation of industry leaders.

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Beyond digital asset mining

  • Facilitating the growth of the industry

    Cowa’s purpose extend well beyond just digital asset mining: we aim to support the growth of our ecosystem by investing in and partnering with world class projects in crypto

  • Strategic re-investment

    We have established Cowa Ventures as the strategic venture investment arm of Cowa Mining, an investment entity fully focused on sourcing and executing strategic deals across crypto and DeFi

  • Connecting DeFi to CeFi

    We find ourselves as incredibly priviliedged to operate at the intersection of digital asset infrastructure and traditional finance and made it Cowa Ventures’ goals to foster crypto adoption within the traditional finance in Europe

Our value proposition

  • We want to become customers

    Cowa’s sweet spot is to become an early adopter of your solution and provide valuable operational feedabck in the product development process.

  • We only invest if we can bring value

    Cowa aspires to dedicate resources to support you in the commercial development of your project

  • We bridge traditional finance and digital assets

    Cowa leverages its strong institutional connections in the private wealth and asset management worlds to channel traditional finance money into crypto, and vice versa


  • Our investment objectives are well defined

    Gain insight into valuable market trends.

    Catalyze early adoption of new technologies or business models in the blockchain space that can be turned to our advantage.

    Support our business through operational efficiencies, deep and valuable partnerships in the ecosystems and/or other types of synergies.

Our portfolio

Connect with us

We are always looking for people and companies who can help us expand our business.

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